Restaurant Interest

Your restaurant needs delivery.   You can payroll your own drivers and hope it pans out or you can opt in to our turn key system that automates delivery and allows drivers to make extra income.  It is a win win solution for small town restaurants.  Our system is beyond smart and can integrate with your POS system.

How does it work?

Hungry people will use our app or website to order through your menu.   You will have a choice of using one of our Tablets to receive orders in real time or we can integrate with many POS systems.   (In fact we even sell POS systems if you are looking to get something with lots of features just for restaurants.) Once you receive an order you will respond by entering the time it will take to make the order on the tablet.   The customer receives a response and Delivery HQ is notified of the order and will dispatch a driver.  The driver picks up the food and delivers it to the customer who gets real time alerts of where the driver is in route.